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PostgreSQL 10.6不寻常的名字导致一些读者停下来尝试拼读它,特别是那些把SQL拼读为"sequel"的人。PostgreSQL 10.6 开发者把它拼读为 "post-gress-Q-L"。(Audio sample, 5.6k MP3)。它也经常被简略念为 "postgres"。

PostgreSQL 10.6 中文版

PostgreSQL 10.6详细介绍

PostgreSQL (也叫 Postgres)是一个自由的对象-关系数据库服务器(数据库管理系统),它在灵活的 BSD-风格许可证下发行。它提供了相对其他开放源代码数据库系统(比如 MySQL 和 Firebird),和对专有系统比如 Oracle、Sybase、IBM 的 DB2 和 Microsoft SQL Server的一种选择。

PostgreSQL 不寻常的名字导致一些读者停下来尝试拼读它,特别是那些把SQL拼读为"sequel"的人。PostgreSQL 开发者把它拼读为 "post-gress-Q-L"。(Audio sample, 5.6k MP3)。它也经常被简略念为 "postgres"。

PostgreSQL 使用名为 PostgreSQL 的许可证,该许可证与 BSD/MIT 类似。

PostgreSQL 10.6更新日志

PostgreSQL 开发团队同时发布了对所有受支持版本的更新,包括 11.1、10.6、9.6.11、9.5.15、9.4.20 和 9.3.25 六个版本,修复了一个安全问题以及过去三个月报告的错误。


CVE-2018-16850: SQL injection in pg_upgrade and pg_dump, via CREATE TRIGGER ... REFERENCING.

Bug 修复和改进

其中有一些问题仅影响 PostgreSQL 11,但多数问题影响所有受支持的版本。

Ensure that automatically created child indexes are created in the same tablespace as the parent partitioned index

Fix several crashes with triggers

Fix problems with applying ON COMMIT DELETE ROWS to a partitioned temporary table

Fix how NULL values are handled when using LEFT JOIN with a parallelized hash join

Several fixes around using named or defaulted arguments in CALL statements

Fix for strict aggregate functions (i.e. aggregates that cannot accept NULL inputs) with ORDER BY columns that enforces the strictness check

Fix with CASE statements where an expression was cast to an array type

Disable an optimization for updating expression indexes in order to prevent a crash

Fix a memory leak that occurred on a specific case of using a SP-GiST index

Fix for pg_verify_checksums incorrectly reporting on files that are not expected to have checksums

Prevent the PostgreSQL server from starting when wal_level is set to a value that cannot support an existing replication slot

Ensure that the server will process already-received NOTIFY and SIGTERM interrupts before waiting for client input

Allow PL/Ruby to work with newer versions of PostgreSQL

Fix for character-class checks on Windows for Unicode characters above U+FFFF, which affected full-text search as well as contrib/ltree and contrib/pg_trgm

Fix a case where psql would not report the receipt of a message from a NOTIFY call until after the next command

Fix build problems on macOS 10.14 (Mojave)

Several build fixes for the Windows platform

值得注意的是,9.3.25 将是 PostgreSQL 9.3 的最终维护版本,该支线已 EOL ,将不再提供任何错误或安全修复。

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